Life In A Kilt began in 2012 as A Year In A Kilt. I turned 50 that year and decided it would be a fun "stunt" to wear a kilt every day of my 50th year and blog about it. Up until that time I had never even seen a real kilt in person so I ended up becoming something of a kilt expert in a short amount of time and learned to love the kilt. It was a fun year and when it was over, several people who followed my journey encouraged me to keep it going. That was the beginning of Life In A Kilt.

In 2018 I decided to stop the regular kilt blogging and ease away from social media. With all my other life projects, I just didn’t have the time to be “public kilt guy” any more. Nonetheless, it was always a goal of mine to start a web-based kilt store to share some of the products and accessories I had found useful over the years. And that is what Life In A Kilt is now.

I hope you find this shop useful. I will be adding new products on a regular basis so keep popping in to see what I’ve found. There are so many great kilt products out in the world and hopefully this curated shop will help you pick out some of the most useful ones for your own kilt life and you may purchase them if you desire.

Not all of the products you find here are my own. Due to the vast variety of items, I am working with several companies as an affiliate. Many of the links in the store will take you to the web stores for those companies for your final purchase. In most cases, I’ll get a small commission for this, which won’t affect your price at all. Many of the T-shirt designs are our own, including, of course, all Scotty Wallace merchandise.

I do hope you enjoy the Life In A Kilt Shop. If you have any suggestions, comments, criticism or praise, feel free to send me an email through the CONTACT page. I’d love to hear from you and discover how your own life In a kilt is making an impact in our world.


Rick Baldwin


Rick Baldwin in Irish tartan kilt